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Albino French Bulldog: Just Like Other Frenchies? 

Are Albino French bulldogs like other French Bulldogs? You may have some questions and concerns about dogs that have this condition. When you know a great deal about them, you’ll surely feel more comfortable about bringing such a dog into your family as your next pet.

What is an Albino French Bulldog? 

An Albino French Bulldog does look similar to white Frenchies. However, this is considered to be an absence of coat color. When it comes to French bulldogs, this is a genetic mutation and both the parents need to be carriers of the albino gene. This means it doesn’t matter if the bulldog’s parents have coats that are black, blue, pied or something else besides albino. 

What is Albinism?

Albinism is a genetic mutation in which the animal has a lack of pigmentation and melanin in the eyes, coat, and their skin. It can occur in humans and other types of animals. Though you may think this a hereditary condition, it actually isn’t the case. This can happen accidentally and spontaneously. A dog can end up with this condition, even if there are no albino relatives within their family. However, it is only a matter of time until the gene for albinism will show up in a dog. 

Are They Regular Frenchies?

It’s important to know that not every white Frenchie is an albino dog. You might only know that the dog you have has the condition of albinism if you bring it to get genetic testing done. 

The short answer to this question is that Albino French bulldogs are just like regular Frenchies. They also are affectionate and friendly, just as the breed tends to be in its very nature. They do look different and they may need some specialized care due to some health issues that can crop up, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be as energetic, loyal, and loving. They are excellent companion pets and should be treated as such. 

It’s well worthwhile to look for an albino Frenchie to bring into your home. They are able to be trained and grow to be well-socialized, like other Frenchies. You will need to make sure that you put in adequate work in order to train them when it comes to socialization skills with humans and other dogs, as well as with housebreaking. 

albino french bulldog puppy

How Rare Are Albino French Dogs?

It is rare to find an albino French bulldog. This is because of the fact that both parents need to carry such genes. Two black dogs can have the recessive albinism gene, and when they mate this can mean that one of their puppies will be an albino. This is rare since most dogs who have the recessive genes won’t live for long enough to be able to reproduce. 

How to Spot an Albino French Bulldog

While yes, there are some telltale signs that a dog has the albinism condition, the only true way to know for sure is to bring your pet in for genetic testing. Leucism is often mistaken for albinism, but these dogs will have dark-colored eyes. When you see a dog that has light blue, red, or pink eyes with a white coat, they are more likely going to be an albino dog. Some of them have sensitivity to sunlight and other bright light. Some of them may experience vision issues otherwise. 

Another sign that the dog you have is an albino is that it has pink skin. This can develop blisters and burn easily when they’re out in the sun. You should always dress your pet appropriately and use sunscreen that has high UVA and UVB factors. Their noses can become chapped, so it’s a good idea to put a special nose balm on them. 

White vs. Albino Frenchie: Know the Difference

Though there are differences between white French bulldogs and those bulldogs who have the albinism trait, this isn’t always going to be easy to see. One of these main differences will be that you won’t see the pink, red, or light blue eyes when it’s purely a bulldog with a white coat instead of one that has albinism. 

albino frenchie red eyes

How Popular Are Albino French Bulldogs?

Albino Frenchies are considered to be among the rarest of dogs. They take the spotlight with the American Kennel Club especially. They are at the top of the marketplace currently. 

How Much Are Albino French Bulldogs?

When you’re about to buy an albino Frenchie, you can expect to pay well over a thousand dollars if you go through a breeder program. However, this may be able to adopt a French bulldog with albinism from a shelter for much less money, basically the cost of adoption fees. 

Possible Health Issues of Albino French Bulldog

As unique as albino French Bulldogs are, they come with their own unique health issues.

Sensitive Skin

Some Albino Frenchies experience issues with their skin. This can include sensitivity when out in the sun, so it’s best to put sunscreen and protective clothing on them. 


The eyes of a dog with albinism typically will be pink, red, or light blue, due to lack of melanin. 

Because of this, Frenchies are at greater risk of being or going blind.


The lack of pigment cells can cause improper development of the tiny hairs inside Frenchies ears, making deafness a common in albino french bulldogs

Shorter Lifespan

Frenchies with albinism tend to live shorter lives than regular French bulldogs. This is due to their health issues. With the proper care, your pet can live a quality life.

albino french bulldog

How Do I Take Care of My Albino French Bulldog?

An albino French Bulldog will definitely need a great deal of care. You should monitor them for health issues that can worsen, as many of these can improve with proper treatment such as a specialized diet and accommodations that you make to your household. 

Best Products for Albino French Bulldogs 

There are many products that would be beneficial to get for your albino Frenchie. This includes special clothing like vests and sweaters in order to protect their skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Sunscreen is ideal for these dogs, as well. You’ll want to find them appropriate nail trimmers that are best for smaller dogs, as well as shampoo and conditioner that is suited for their coats. Other products that you will want to research include flea and tick products, toys, beds, treats, and specialty foods.

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