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All French Bulldog Colors: From Common to Rare Variants

French Bulldogs come in a variant of colors, not all of them are recognized by the American Kennel Club and we will show you, all you need to know about the rare and the not so rare coats.

How Many Color Variants There Are

Frenchies are bred in a variety of colors, but various kennel clubs around the world recognize only three colors and five color patterns.

The common approved French bulldog colors are white, cream, and fawn with color patterns of brindle, piebald, white markings, and black shadings.

Eight other color variants disqualify French bulldogs from kennel club competitions. 

What are some of the most common colors?

Common French bulldog colors include the following shades:


The brindle markings on French bulldog colors are color patterns rather than a specific color. The striped brindle pattern has clear black stripes over the fawn coloring and is known as fawn brindle.

The stripes can range from sparse to heavy. If the brindle stripes are very heavy, so the fawn background barely shows, it’s known as ‘black brindle.’ 

standard brindle


Cream-colored French bulldogs feature one of the recognized colors by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the French Bulldog Kennel Club (FBDCA). It’s a classic color for Frenchies and requires both the male and female parent to have cream recessive genes.

Their coats are eggshell colored and often have patches of fawn coloring.  

cream french bulldog


The acceptable golden coat of the fawn color for Frenchies ranges from light fawn to dark reddish tan tints. A coat with red hues is called a red fawn. The fawn coat can be a light tan French bulldog to a darker brown and can also feature red undertones.

Brindling is very common in fawn coats and another variant is a blue fawn French bulldog.

fawn color french bulldog


It’s acceptable for white French bulldogs to have any of the recognized color markings and patterns mentioned below. In fact, most white Frenchies have other colored markings.

white french bulldog with black spot


Although solid black French bulldogs are common, this dark colored coat is a disqualifying color according to the French Bulldog Kennel Club of America.

seal brindle french bulldog

What are recognized color markings and color patterns?

Standard recognized color patterns for French bulldogs include:

Brindle Pattern

Brindle patterned French bulldog coats look like tiger stripes. It’s common for stripes to be light or dark.

Brindle coats can appear in any base coat color, such as brindle and blue, brindle and white, brindle and chocolate, brindle and merle. A very common coat color is brindle and fawn.

standard brindle


Piebald pattern Frenchie coats feature various combinations of colors and patterns. Usually, a pied French bulldog has a mostly white body, with darker colors on its body and face.

A Frenchie must have at least half of its body covered with patches of contrasting colors or patterns. These can be brown, gray, fawn, black, or blue.

french bulldog sticker

Black masks

This is the typical black mask across the muzzle and sometimes the eyes of French bulldogs. It occurs in almost all Frenchies, no matter the coat color.

french bulldog black masked

Black shadings

Black shading occurs on the tips of the fur, giving it a black shade. It’s usually on the upper body and lower legs.

black frenchie pup

White markings

Many black French bulldogs have white markings on the chest, on the face, and parts of the body.


This is acceptable, but not desirable. Ticking happens when the tips of the fur are darker than the coat color and forms small freckled spots.

What are disqualifying markings and color patterns?

Unacceptable American Kennel Club French bulldog markings and color patterns that disqualify competition dogs can often cause health problems. These colors include:

  • Black and tan
  • Black and white
  • White with black
  • Blue
  • Blue fawn
  • Liver
  • Merle

What is the cheapest color?

One of the cheapest coat colors for French bulldogs is one that features a brindle coat. They average about $4000. 

What are some of the RAREST colors?

Seven of the rare colors available for French bulldogs and any combinations of these Frenchie colors include the following:


All French bulldog kennel clubs disallow blue French bulldog colors due to health issues. Blue Frenchies are also known as blue merles. Many blue merle French bulldogs have light blue eyes.


Merle French bulldogs are multicolored dogs with a mixture of blue, gray, and black markings. The color occurs due to a genetic defect.


Lilac Frenchies are also known as Isabella. They feature the same brownish lilac tones as an Isabella French bulldog and are very rare. It’s not a recognized standard French bulldog color, but it’s a coveted color.


Another of the rare French bulldog color is known as Isabella. Isabella French bulldogs were first bred in Germany in 2009 with the very rare testable chocolate gene.  


A platinum French bulldog is the other most expensive color when purchasing a French Bulldog. Platinum is rare and also costs more than $8000, even though it’s not an AKC registered color.


Chocolate French bulldogs can have a coat of light chocolate to dark brown. Dark brown Frenchies are often called sable French bulldogs.  A chocolate Frenchie also features a brown nose and nails. Many are brindle patterned and have golden eyes.

Blue Fawn

This is a blue variation. It occurs when a fawn coat has blue tones. It’s usually on the face masking area. These Frenchies have brown, green, or gray eyes. The coat ranges from fawn with light blue hues to dark fawn with blue.

What is the most expensive color?

Isabella, also called Lilac colored Frenchies cost more than $8000. This is the most exorbitant priced color for French bulldogs.

Do Different Color Frenchies Behave Differently?

French bulldogs are small but powerful. As a dog breed, all French bulldogs are alert and have cheerful personalities. These qualities make them desirable companion dogs. It doesn’t matter what color they are, all Frenchies are affectionate, alert, and active. 

How Does Color Breeding Affect Their Health?

Understanding kennel club standard French bulldog colors, other colors, and color variants are essential when selecting a Frenchie, especially for show dogs and keeping healthy Frenchies.   

Merle Frenchies have major health problems and shouldn’t be bred. These multicolored blue merle dogs can suffer from deafness, eye issues, and dermatitis. These are a result of genetic defects in merles.

Blue Frenchies also suffer from health problems. This color often results in dry skin and blindness in Frenchies in the same way as merles. The FBFCS recommends against breeding blue and blue merle French bulldogs.

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