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Frenchies Modern Nail Care. Tips to Make Nail Trimming Easier

French bulldogs are a wonderful breed and are sure to be a great companion to you and your family. It’s in your best interest to learn as much as possible about the proper care of a French bulldog. This includes knowing why you should and how to trim their nails on a regular basis, with this Frenchie modern nail care routine.

Why Is Trimming Your French Bulldog’s Nails Important? 

They Might Be In Pain 

One of the major reasons that you’ll want to cut back your bulldog’s claws is that when they become too long or overgrown, they could be in some pain. This can become a serious problem over time. You’ll need to keep an eye on this for your pet, so that you can catch it and either do this task yourself or bring the dog to a groomer for this purpose. As long as you conduct regular trimming of their claws, it likely won’t matter much if you miss a couple of weeks between cutting them.  

You should maintain a schedule for doing this grooming task. Even if you lead a busy lifestyle, you’ll want to make sure that your best furry friend isn’t in pain or discomfort. They’ll have an easier time getting around the house, out in the yard, or on walks when you pay careful attention to this. Since their claws even can become long enough to curl underneath, it’s worse than you probably realize. 

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Tips for Cutting Your Frenchie’s Nails

Here’s a easy guide to give your Frenchie the best nail trimming experience.

Giving Praise and Having the Supplies Ready 

It is actually fairly easy to trim your French bulldog’s nails right in your home. You’ll need a few things in place before you get started such as treats and the appropriate trimming tools. The tone that you use and praise you give during this process is incredibly important. 

Stick to a Schedule 

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is that if you keep your trimming routine to a certain schedule, your dog will come to recognize and probably be more at ease with the situation. When the time comes to lay down and accept you cutting their nails, they’re likely to not fight with you as much about it. 

Use the Right Tools

There is a kind of specialty nail grinder you can use for your dog. This has a back-stop guide that makes it so you’re not as likely to cut too much of their nail off. Some have the option for you to charge them to continue use without having to rely on buying new batteries or keeping the trimmers plugged in. It’s important to work with tools that are geared towards trimming dogs’ claws, since something for cats just won’t be the same. 

What to Do if You Make a Mistake and Cut Your Dog’s Nails Too Short 

Of course, you need to do your best to avoid causing any harm to your French bulldog while you’re working on their claws. This is another good reason for you to trim a little at a time about every week or two. You must avoid nicking your dog’s nail quick, as this can be very painful and even cause bleeding. 

If you trim them too short, make a note of what you’ve done so that you can be more mindful in the future. Use some styptic powder on the spot, which acts as a clotting agent in order to stop the bleeding. 

Seek a Professional Grooming Service 

If you have no prior experience with grooming, especially trimming a dog’s nails, you’ll want to seek out professional services. Reach out to a local grooming business for this purpose. You may worry how your pet will be with a stranger, but professional groomers are used to pretty much any behavior from dogs and will be able to take it in stride. 

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When its Necessary to Trim Your Dog Nails

Keeping a regular grooming schedule is a great way to make sure your french bulldog is happy and feeling its best. It is necessary to include trimming their nails as part of this schedule for optimal health and wellness. You can develop a set schedule that works for you as your dog’s nails grow.

There are certain key indications that it is time to clip your french bulldogs nails. The first indicator is visually the nails will be obviously longer than they should be. Another cue is an audible clicking sound. When nails can be seen and heard clicking, it is time to trim them. 

Keeping the nails trim is a necessary step in french bulldog nail care. Some tips for when your French Bulldog has long nails include:

  • When you can hear them clacking – Even though short nails will make noises on surfaces like tile and wood floors, it can become more noticeable the longer the nais get. This is when cracking and splitting can happen from your dog dragging their nails. It is important to trim their nails when you notice loud clicking sounds to avoid problems.
  • At a young age – Your french bulldog will grow quick and their nails grow rapidly when they are young. Keeping your french bulldogs nails trimmed at a young age is consistent with a Frenchies modern nail care routine. This step ensures your bulldog will develop healthy nails as they grow up.
  • Keep it regularly – Dogs’ nails grow fairly quick and need to be regularly trimmed. There is no set schedule when to cut your french bulldogs nails. Once every few weeks can be a place to start with adjustments being made. As your dog ages a nail trimming routine can be established to suit their particular needs.

What Happens When You Don't Trim French Bulldogs Nails

Neglecting to trim your French bulldogs nails can lead to some health problems and discomfort for your companion. Signs that your dog needs their nails trimmed should not be ignored in order to keep your pet happy and healthy. Letting nails grow too long can become painful for your french bulldog.

As your frenchies nails grow they will begin to curve and curl under. This can make the simple act of walking around difficult and uncomfortable. Trimming their nails to an appropriate length will make walking and other activities much more enjoyable for your french bulldog.

Long nails can be more prone to splitting and cracking. If left unchecked, these types of issues can cause pain and bleeding. Trimming off excess dead nails will help your french bulldog avoid painful situations.

Some people choose to trim their dogs nails while you may be more comfortable having a professional take care of this. Either way it is important to not let your french bulldogs nail care go for long. Routine nail trimming can help your pet avoid common problems that happen from neglect.

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