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How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? Frenchie Life Expectancy

Most dog owners want a pet who will be a companion for many years. So you may ask yourself, how long do French Bulldogs live?

Before you decide on getting a French Bulldog breed dog, you may wonder about the average French bulldog’s lifespan. After all, most dog owners want a pet who will be a companion for many years. So, how long do French Bulldogs live? Read on to learn more about the French bulldog’s average life expectancy and how you can increase your pet’s health to improve their chances at a longer lifespan. 

The French Bulldog's Lifespan

The American Kennel Club states that the average lifespan of a French Bulldog is 10 to 12 years. The mini French and micro French breeds are smaller dogs that have a slightly longer expected lifespan at around 12 to 16 years. The type of routine health maintenance care provided to the dog is incredibly likely to have a positive impact on their lifespan. It is in your best interest to do some research on your own and even talk to someone who has an expert level of knowledge on Frenchies before you decide if this is the right breed to be your pet.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live As Pets? 

When Frenchies are cared for properly and given a great deal of love, they tend to live for longer. It can help you to pick up on health conditions, minor injuries that could lead to worse problems, and more when you have a strong bond with your dog. A companion animal that is brought to the veterinarian and given proper care and any necessary treatments at home will live a longer, high quality life. 

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How Is It in Comparison to Other Races?

Royal Frenchels typically live longer than the average French Bulldog. This makes them a great breed for a young family. 

The English Bulldog tends to live between 8 and 10 years. They have some significant health issues that are similar to those that French Bulldogs experience. 

The American Bulldog can live on average for 10 to 12 years. They are considered to be a large dog breed and have fewer hereditary dog’s health problems overall compared to other bulldog breeds.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? types of bulldogs

Ways You Can Improve Your French Bulldog Lifespan

French bulldogs enjoy a relatively long lifespan of typically 10-14 years. There are some ways to make sure your French bulldog stays healthy and lives a long, happy life. Aside from routine visits to the vet for wellness checkups, there are steps you can take to increase French bulldog lifespan.

  • Exercise daily – French bulldogs have an abundance of energy and need at least an hour of exercise daily. It is beneficial to break up exercise sessions throughout the day. Many positive effects on overall health come from consistent exercise.


  • Healthy diet – You can research raw food diet and ways to incorporate healthier food options outside of commercial dog food. If you use commercial dog food make sure to check out the ingredients and company to ensure you are getting high quality food. A healthy appropriate diet is a key step in longevity of your French bulldog.


  • Regular check-ups – Getting blood work at the vet and staying current on shots yearly or as needed is a central component in health care for your French bulldog. Schedule regular veterinary care visits, but only as needed. If your French bulldog is healthy they may need fewer veterinary care check-ups.


  • Research the breeder – The genetics of your French bulldog plays a role in their lifespan. Dogs with certain genetics may be predisposed to certain diseases and may not live as long. Some breeders offer French bulldogs with pure genetics from certified parents. There are a variety of breeders with different standards, and it is important to research them when choosing a French bulldog.

Common Health Problems to Look Out For

Like any dog breeds, French bulldogs may develop health problems during their lives. French bulldogs might experience certain issues that other dogs do not. Food allergies, breathing issues, and skin problems are some health concerns to look for in French bulldogs. Here are some common problems to look out for:

Breathing problems 

One of the most common health issues French bulldogs experience is upper respiratory tract infections. This is because of their short noses that make breathing somewhat difficult. Regular checkups can help to identify breathing issues early on.

Skin problems

Because French bulldogs have folded skin around their muzzle and other areas of their bodies, they may be prone to bacterial infections and dermatitis. It is good practice to keep this skin clean to reduce issues affecting these areas.

Allergic reactions

A common health issue for French bulldogs are food allergies and allergic reactions. This could be from mold, dust, grass, or pollen. Coughing, itchy skin, and sneezing are some signs your Frenchie has allergies.

Bowel and intestinal problems

Allergies to certain foods is a predisposition of French bulldogs which can cause intestinal problems like colitis and (IBD) Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Changing their diet may be one way to lessen reactions.

Regular checkups with a vet will help you keep your French bulldog healthy. Exercise and a healthy diet play a big part in maintaining your Frenchie’s health during their lifespan.

How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? French Bulldog With Hoodie

A Final Note

How long do French Bulldogs Live? This small dog breed is truly a delight to have as a pet. The fact that they tend to have hereditary health problems and slightly shorter lifespans than the average for dog breeds can make you want to reconsider. However, the French bulldog can be a great dog to have since they are good with children and other dogs, affectionate with their family, playful, adaptive, and generally have a good French Bulldog temperament. Learn as much as possible and take care of your French Bulldog, and you’ll find that they’re sure to return this love and affection many times over. Be sure that you go through a responsible breeder when it comes time to choose your French bulldog puppy. 

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