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How Much Do French Bulldog Weigh? Healthy dogs Guide

The weight of any French Bulldog, male or female, has to do with a few factors, such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle, as later described.

The weight of any French Bulldog, male or female, has to do with a few factors, such as genetics, diet, and lifestyle, as later described.

French Bulldog Weight & Growth

The female’s weight could range from 16 to 29 pounds. Your female dog’s weight could be within this range or a bit below or above the expected range and be normal for them, as listed below. 

  • One month, 2-7 pounds
  • Two months, 6-11 pounds
  • Three months, 7-13 pounds
  • Four months, 9-16 pounds
  • Five months, 10-18 pounds
  • Six months, 12-21 pounds
  • Seven months, 13-22 pounds
  • Eight months, 14-23 pounds
  • Nine months, 15-24 pounds
  • Ten months, 15-24 pounds
  • Eleven months, 15-24 pounds
  • Twelve months, 16-24 pounds.   
french bulldog weight chart

Male French Bulldog Ideal Weight

Know that a male will weigh more than a female of the same age. If you have a male French Bulldog, its ideal body weight could range from 22 to 30 pounds. Your male French Bulldog’s weight could, like the female’s, be a bit above the expected range and still be considered normal within this expected range, as found below.

  • One month, 3-7 pounds
  • Two months, 8-13 pounds
  • Three months, 9-15 pounds
  • Four months, 11-17 pounds
  • Five months, 14-21 pounds
  • Six months, 16-23 pounds
  • Seven months, 17-26 pounds
  • Eight months, 18-26 pounds
  • Nine months, 19-29 pounds
  • Ten months, 20-30 pounds
  • Eleven months, 20-30 pounds
  • Twelve months, 20-30

Female and male adult French Bulldogs commonly reach their expected adult norm, weight between nine to 12 months, and you may or may not see any further weight gain. You may see your dog filling out at this growth stage. 

Those dogs who weigh over the high end of these scales are not necessarily considered obese. It is all in the bloodline of the dog. This dog type takes about two years to fully mature before showing bulk in its stature.

What is Considered an Overweight French Bulldog?

You will monitor your dog’s weight to make sure that it remains within expected ranges and certainly not too much above or below these expected ranges. 

Monitor its weight closely when it is twelve years of age and older. If your dog weighs more than 15 percent of the recommended weight, your dog is obese. It is critical that you work with your vet to bring your dog to a more appropriate weight. 

What Does an Obese Bulldog Look Like?

There are ways to monitor if your pooch is becoming too obese. Your dog looks too heavy. It may have grooming difficulties. It can quickly become out of breath, leading to rapid fatigue and lethargy. Obesity takes on a unique unhealthy body shape, and you can no longer feel its ribs. 

How Do I Make Sure My French Bulldog is Healthy?

Genetics plays a more significant part in this dog breed than other dog breeds. Researchers found that there are specific health problems in this bloodline that show a high risk for,  

  • Skin sensitivities
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye issue
  • Ear infections
  • Spinal injury
  • Respiratory issues such as brachycephalic syndrome are another possible predisposing factor in French Bulldogs. This syndrome means the dog may have a shorter than the normal esophagus, a flatter nose, and tighter than normal nostrils, creating a risk for restricted breathing difficulties.
  • This syndrome makes your dog susceptible to heat stroke. Never walk or play with your dog if temperatures are 80 degrees or above.  
  • Prone to obesity is why monitoring your dog’s weight after twelve months is crucial. Obesity, as in humans, can cause diabetes, spinal disc disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and added respiratory factors.


Daily minimal exercise contributes to keeping your dog’s weight in a reasonable range. Examples of minimal exercise would be, a simple and leisurely walk. Or, schedule a gentle playtime daily.  

french bulldog wild

Proper Diet

French Bulldogs need extra special dietary care, so your dog remains at a healthy weight. Your vet is the best source of dietary information. There are ways to monitor if your pooch is becoming too obese, such as,

  • It has grooming difficulties.
  • It becomes out of breath quickly.
  • Obesity is becoming apparent with the shape of the body.
  • You can no longer feel its ribs.
senior french bulldog food

Final Thoughts

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French Bulldogs typically live to age 13. Every dog owner’s goal is to see their best friend live a long and excellent quality of life. Your dog needs your help and relies on you so it can experience the best possible health and life. Your dog must receive everything it needs to achieve long-term health goals. Your dog’s longevity and quality of life depend on how you care for this precious critter. 

If you remain fastidious in your dog’s care, you have a better chance of achieving this goal of longevity for your French Bulldog. The following ensures your dog’s well-being. 

  • Regular vet checkups for your Frenchie are essential. Regular visits to your vet ensure that your dog remains on a healthy path as they age.
  • Make appointments with your vet if you suspect your Frenchie has health issues or if an emergency arises.
  • Monitor your dog’s weight, especially after the age of one year. 
  • Monitor regular testing with your vet. Your vet may want baseline blood work when the dog is a pup. 
  • Obtain all necessary vaccinations. 


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